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Founded in 1911 by a former race car driver and automotive engineer, Chevrolet has produced distinctly American cars for over 100 years. From the iconic Corvette to the workhorse Silverado, Chevy vehicles are an omnipresent sight on highways and driveways around the country. If you have a Chevy, chances are you want to care for it. Transmission troubles can rank among the most costly and damaging problems a car can face. Luckily, Global Auto Transmission Repair exists to solve all transmission troubles, large and small. Most issues can get prevented through regular maintenance. To extend the life of your Chevy transmission, call (405) 415-2077 today.

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In addition to our repair and rebuild services, we offer a range of maintenance options to keep your Chevy transmission in pristine shape.

Scheduled Maintenance: You do not need to go to a Chevy dealership for regular maintenance on your transmission. Dealerships tend to cost more than independent mechanics and can take longer. The scheduled maintenance on your transmission is mileage specific, which means you get it done after certain mileage milestones. If you drive in conditions that put a lot of wear on the transmission, such as heavy traffic or high heat, consider performing your scheduled maintenance more often. As far as the transmission goes, regular maintenance items involve the filter and the fluid.

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Transmission Filter Change: Your transmission filter works as a shield to protect your transmission from dirt and debris. The filter catches these contaminants and ensures that only clean transmission fluid enters the transmission. Over time, your filter will get littered with these particles. In order to optimize your transmission filter’s performance, it needs to get changed along with the pan gasket at set intervals.

Fluid Change: As your Chevy vehicles age, you need to refresh their transmission fluid. Transmission fluid lubricates the complex parts of a transmission and is vital for its function. A fluid flush involves a pressurized evacuation of the old, dirty fluid in your transmission. Afterwards, new fluid gets injected. As far as preventative maintenance goes, you can’t beat a transmission flush.

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For all your needs for Chevy transmissions nationwide, trust the experts at Global Auto Transmission Repair. We have the knowledge and skills to keep your Chevy running smoothly. To schedule maintenance or learn more, call us at (405) 415-2077.