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If you drive a diesel truck, chances are that you need your transmission to work hard. The term “diesel transmission” is actually misleading. The engine of a vehicle operates on diesel fuel, whereas the transmission remains separate. Diesel transmissions get built stronger, however, to handle the increased output of power at lower RPMs. When it comes to the repair and rebuild of a diesel transmission anywhere in the country, we understand that the little things have critical importance. A diesel vehicle needs technicians who understand all the subtleties of difference between regular transmissions and diesel. Call (405) 415-2077 to schedule service with our expert team.

Diesel Transmission Services

The main difference between diesel and regular transmissions comes from holding capacity. Normally, transmissions get made to handle more power at faster RPMs. As the engine turns the pump and builds oil pressure, the transmission compensates to hold more power. Diesel engines develop power at lower RPMs, however. A diesel transmission must provide additional holding capacity at lower RPMs, a key difference from regular transmissions. A mechanic who works on a diesel transmission must understand the need for more clutch surface, efficient pumps, and bigger apply pistons.

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Naturally, these diesel engines also typically appear in hard-working buses or trucks, which ask even more of their transmissions. Our mechanics understand all of the demands that get placed on a diesel transmission. Not only this, but they understand the nuances that make diesel transmissions special. If you come into Global Auto Transmission Repair for a transmission rebuild, you can count on mechanics who will build in the additional capacity you need.

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If you have a diesel transmission, there’s at least one source you can trust with every service: Global Auto Transmission Repair. We make sure that your transmission has all the extra capacity it needs. We also take care of the details and extras to make sure that your transmission runs optimally. When you’re out on the road — or on a job — you need the assurance that your transmission will work as hard as you need. Get your transmission serviced at Global Auto Transmission Repair, and you can rest assured of a job well done. Contact us today at (405) 415-2077 to schedule service.