Dodge Transmission Repair

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Dodge Transmission Troubles? We Are The Experts You Need!

Few problems can aggravate a driver quite like transmission trouble. The symptoms of trouble become annoying on their own and can invoke worst-case scenarios that cost thousands to repair. Problems that progress into transmission failure can leave you stranded on the side of the road. If the situation seems desperate, never fear: instead, call (405) 415-2077. Global Auto Transmission Repair has the skills and dedication necessary to service, diagnose, and repair any problems with a Dodge transmission. 

Signs You Need Service and Repair

Your Dodge vehicle will give certain signs when the transmission needs to get serviced. If you notice any of the following, contact Global Auto Transmission Repair today to schedule service.

  • Fluid leaks in your parking space or driveway
  • Burning smell inside your hood or vehicle
  • Engine light illuminates
  • Acceleration Delays
  • Rough shift, or grinding or shaking when you switch gears

Each of these can serve as an early indicator of serious problems with your transmission. You can avoid most problems with your transmission through regular service.

Expert Service for Your Transmission

At Global Auto Transmission Repair, we provide expert service for all varieties of transmission service and repair. Whether you need a simple flush or a full rebuild, we’re the experts you can trust with your Dodge transmission repair.

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At Global Auto Transmission Repair, We Service All Models of Dodge Vehicles.

Fluid Flush: Transmission fluid provides several invaluable services for your transmission. For manual and automatic transmissions alike, the fluid lubricates the many moving parts that provide the transmission’s functionality. In automatic transmissions, the fluid also acts as a lubricant and viscous liquid that transmits power from the engine. As you accumulate miles and wear, the fluid gets dirty or drips away.

Improper maintenance of your transmission fluid can lead to serious problems. A periodic flush and replacement not only refreshes your transmission fluid, it lengthens the life of your transmission. At Global Auto Transmission Repair, we offer this necessary maintenance of your Dodge transmission, as well as filter replacement and a host of other advanced services.

Schedule Dodge Transmission Service Today

If you need regular maintenance or advanced service on your Dodge transmission repair anywhere nationwide, contact Global Auto Transmission Repair today. We work on all models of Dodge vehicles and can guarantee expert service. Call us today at (405) 415-2077.