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Whether You Use Your Truck for Work or Play, We Service All F-150 Transmissions.

Now in its thirteenth generation, the Ford F150 stands as the most iconic pickup truck in America. Immensely popular for both personal and commercial use, the F150 has driven F-series sales to the top of the heap. Since 1981, the F-Series has stood as the best-selling vehicle in the United States. The reasons for this are many, but center on the truck’s durability and versatility. Wherever you go, whatever the job, the F150 stands up to the task. If you have a Ford F150 transmission issue, you need expert service to keep it in top condition. For all transmission issues, including regular maintenance, call Global Auto Transmission Repair at (405) 415-2077.

Individual and Fleet Repair

At Global Auto Transmission Repair, we offer both individual and fleet repair service for your Ford F150 truck. As a fleet truck, countless businesses have come to depend on America’s best-selling truck. Regular maintenance becomes a necessity when you put any vehicle through the wear and tear of commercial use. Trust us to perform regular services like changing the transmission fluid, and you can count on a fleet that runs for years.

Transmission mechanic and F-150

Our Mechanics Are the F-150 Transmission Experts!

As for individual trucks, we offer top-quality transmission repair, service, and rebuilds. The Ford 150 truck has occupied the top-selling pickup slot since 1977. The durability of the truck means that many older models still cruise the road. If you’ve got an older F-150, let us get that transmission purring like it’s new.

As far as problems unique to the F-150’s transmission, owners should know about a couple. If you drive one of two particular model years, it becomes even more important to schedule maintenance with your friends at Global Auto Transmission repair.

2004 F-150: Since 1998, the 2004 Ford F-150 stands as the model most likely to receive consumer complaints. Of all complaints registered, transmission problems come in third in terms of frequency.

2005 F-150: Since 1998, the 2005 F-150 stands as the second-most likely to receive consumer complains. As with the 2004 model, transmission problems come in third, with total transmission failure as the most frequent of these.

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If you need Ford 150 transmission repair on a truck that matches the model years above, contact Global Auto Transmission Repair today for service. As any F-150 approaches 100,000 miles, you can expect problems with the transmission. The way to avoid this? Regular service with your friends at Global Auto Transmission Repair. Call us at (405) 415-2077 today!