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An iconic American brand, Ford Motor Company has built an impressive line of vehicles over the years. The company’s F-150 has held the best-selling spot among all trucks since 1977, while the Ford Mustang has long been one of the most popular sports cars in the world. If you have a Ford, chances are it’s not your first. Ford has higher customer loyalty than any other brand, a testament to the quality of its products. Nevertheless, Ford transmissions need service like any other. If you need Ford transmission repair, call (405) 415-2077 to trust Global Auto Transmission Repair with your maintenance, repair, or rebuild needs. 

Service for All Ford Vehicles

At Global Auto Transmission Repair, our expert mechanics know the ins and outs of Ford vehicles. Transmissions are complicated pieces of machinery, and you don’t want to entrust yours to a non-specialist. We service all Ford vehicles, from the Fiesta to the Super Duty, and can make sure your transmission works optimally to 100,000 miles and beyond. If you notice any of the following problems, bring your Ford in for service today:

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Transmission Shifting Delays: If your vehicle has a delayed response when you shift gears, bring it into Global Auto Transmission Repair today. For example, a pause when shifting from park to first gear indicates a problem with the transmission.

Odd Sounds: If you hear any grinding, whistling, screeching, or clunking sounds from beneath the hood, these also indicate transmission problems.

Burnt Smells and Fluid Issues: A burnt smell from beneath the hood indicates transmission trouble. If you check your transmission fluid, it should also not appear dark or cloudy. Transmission fluid that leaks onto the ground also reveals a problem.

These are just a few of the indicators that your Ford vehicle may have transmission issues. If you suspect a problem for any reason, do not hesitate to contact Global Auto Transmission Repair. 

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For Ford vehicle transmission work nationwide, look no further than Global Auto Transmission Repair. We are your experts for flushes, fluid changes, and any type of repair or maintenance. To schedule service or ask questions, call (405) 415-2077 today.