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To drive a Mercedes-Benz represents a special privilege. As one of the better built vehicles in the world, Mercedes cars have excellent reliability and durability. Mercedes can still have problems with the transmission, however, just like any other car. Greater resiliency from common problems can give owners a false sense of security. You must remain vigilant, however, to protect the life of your vehicle. The expert solution for Mercedes transmission is just a phone call away at (405) 415-2077. At Global Auto Transmission Repair, we have the familiarity and expertise necessary to properly service your Mercedes transmission.

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Despite the overall durability and quality construction of Mercedes transmissions, a few common problems do occur. If any of these become apparent, call Global Auto Transmission Repair to schedule service. To ignore these issues could result in greater damage to your transmission, along with more expensive repairs.

Transmission Fluid Leaks: Some Mercedes cars have a 13-pin electrical connector on the transmission. This connector has notoriety for its tendency to leak transmission fluid. If you notice a leak in your parking space or driveway, contact Global Auto Transmission Repair for service. Low transmission fluid opens up your transmission to any number of problems, including total failure.

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Global Auto Transmission Repair services all makes and models of Mercedes.

Limp Mode: A Mercedes will go into limp mode if it detects a problem with the transmission. Limp mode means that you cannot shift gears, and is designed to protect the engine. The car’s movement also gets restricted to 30 mph. If your Mercedes car ever goes into limp mode, pull over immediately and remove the key. Then, wait 20 seconds and restart. Oftentimes, this will return your transmission to normal. Of course, if this happens, you should immediately schedule service to determine the cause of the problem.

A proper diagnosis from our expert technicians can identify any problems with your Mercedes transmission. From there, it’s simply a matter of repair. Mercedes transmissions almost never need to get totally replaced. Trust Global Auto Transmission with the care of your Mercedes, and you’ll have many miles to enjoy the luxury of your ride.

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For Mercedes transmission repairs nationwide, Global Auto Transmission Repair stands as the expert choice for all transmission-related issues. To learn more or schedule service, call us today at (405) 415-2077.