Semi Truck Transmission Repair

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At Global Auto Transmission Repair, We Are The Semi Truck Transmission Experts!

If you need semi truck repair nationwide, trust Global Auto Transmission Repair with the service and maintenance of your transmission. As transmission experts, we understand the subtleties that make them hum. We also understand that your truck represents your livelihood. Trust us with your transmission, and call us at (405) 415-2077 today to schedule service.

Semi Truck Transmission Repair and Maintenance

A host of problems can arise from a truck transmission that’s received improper maintenance. If you have any of the following problems, bring your semi truck into us today.

  • Late or Hard Shifting of Gears
  • Transmission Slipping
  • Transmission Leaking
  • Truck Does Not Move
  • Grinding or Chatter Noise in the Transmission
  • Unable to Go Into Gear
  • Loss of Power When Accelerating

As you can see, the transmission fulfills a major role in your semi truck. Hundreds of complex components work together to make your truck move. Transmission fluid lubricates all these parts and ensures smooth operation. For many truckers, transmission fluid does not seem like a cause for concern. Old and dirty transmission fluid provides a start for most transmission problems, however. Regular semi truck maintenance should absolutely include a transmission flush and fill, a service we provide.

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We can repair or rebuild your transmission to get you back on the road!

With time, even the most well-maintained transmission will develop problems. To avoid mechanical breakdowns, you’ll need to have your transmission repaired or rebuilt. If you need this service for your semi truck transmission repair, you can trust the expert mechanics at Global Auto Transmission Repair.

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In order to make a living, you need your semi truck in perfect working order. A semi truck can take a beating while out on the road, and the transmission will soak up a lot of this punishment. Transmission problems can spell the death of your business. If you’ve noticed any of the symptoms of transmission problems, contact Global Auto Transmission Repair today at (405) 415-2077.