Transmission Slipping

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At Global Auto Transmission Repair, We Diagnose and Fix Transmission Slipping.

Transmission slipping can present a serious problem for your vehicle. This problem manifests as a sudden change in gears, or a shift in pitch from your engine. Slipping also serves as a precursor for even more serious transmission problems, including total failure. If you have an automatic transmission, the trouble with transmission slipping becomes more pronounced. Because of this, it is important to schedule service at (405) 415-2077 at the first sign of trouble.

For problems with transmission slipping nationwide, you can find expert service at Global Auto Transmission Repair. Our mechanics can quickly and thoroughly diagnose the causes of your slippage. More importantly, they can make the necessary repairs to get you back on the road fast.

The Symptoms of Transmission Slipping

Certain signs serve as early indicators of problems with your transmission. If you notice any of the following, schedule service with Global Auto Transmission Repair today. Each of these signs occurs while driving, so you’ll want to stay vigilant. A consistently high RPM, anything over 3500, serves as perhaps the most frequent sign. Problems with your gears, including difficulty shifting, harsh response when shifting, or strange noises also serve as indicators. Lastly, if you can’t reverse, experience delays in acceleration, or smell anything burnt, you’ll want to schedule service right away. Delay in transmission slipping repair can result in serious consequences for your car.

The Causes of Transmission Slipping

Curious about what causes this onerous, alarming problem? A variety of causes can lead to slipping. To avoid them all, schedule regular maintenance at Global Auto Transmission Repair.

Transmission Getting Repaired

Any Number of Problems Can Cause Transmission Slipping. Trust Us to Do the Job Right.

A Few Causes of Transmission Slipping

  • Fluid Levels: Low transmission fluid stands as the most common cause of slipping. Burnt fluid and transmission fluid leaks can also cause the problem. Inadequate fluid also causes problems with your clutch, which in turn leads to slipping.
  • Transmission Bands: Worn or broken bands in your transmission lead to slipping and other engine troubles.
  • Worn Out Gears: Over time, the gears in your transmission wear down. This can cause slipping and requires expert service to repair.

Your Local Experts

At Global Auto Transmission Repair, we are your local experts for transmission slipping. Stay aware of the various symptoms, and do not hesitate to call us to schedule service. For all transmission problems nationwide, reach out to us at (405) 415-2077.