Andrea Carter

I’m the daughter of a mechanic who specialized in German cars. While he never taught me how to fix my car (shaking fist, god rest his soul), he did teach me enough to usually identify what’s going wrong with it and how to sniff out a shady mechanic.

I’ve been going to Global Transmission Repair for years for my Volvo 850 wagon on the recommendation of my friend who used to own a Volvo 240. They are always honest, and like my dad, they will zero in on exactly what’s wrong and get you on your way for a reasonable price. When one mechanic tried to convince me I needed a new transmission, Chris and the guys zeroed in on me only needing a replacement PNP switch. $150 versus $3500 for a new transmission. Works like a dream.

Every time I’ve had it in for something, never have I experienced a return because it’s still not working right, a common complaint i see with other mechanics (and have experienced in the past). They get it right the first time.

An honest mechanic is a beautiful thing and I know my dad would be thrilled that I found these guys to take care of my car repair needs.